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Mix-N- Match Beer Wall


Our Craft Beer wall provides wide variety of Craft Brews from all over the world in 12oz, Cans, and Bombers (750ml). We feel your sentiments when you want to try a new beer but don’t want to commit to a 6 pack or a 12 pack of the same beer, what if you don’t like it after cracking open the first one? This is clearly the reasoning behind our Craft Beer Wall. From our Mix-N- Match wall, you can pick any number of beers and make your own 3-4- 5-or 6-pack with all different beers. Why commit to 6 of the same when you can have 6 different ones for the same price? Please let us know if you want us to carry a specific beer on our Mix-N- Match wall that we currently do not have. Contact Us…

Fabulous Friday Tastings


Every Friday and many Saturdays we have tastings scheduled at Hops & Vines. Please check out our past Tasting announcements.

Winery & Brewery Tours


Every year we schedule visit to the facilities of some of our local partners. During these trips we arrange for transportation to and from Hops & Vines and the partner facility, lunch, plus discounted pricing for tasting at our partner location.

Special Orders


If we don’t currently carry one of your favorite products, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We can put a special order in for you (usually arrives within 2 weeks) or you can fill out the special request form and we will carry it going forward for you.

Picnic Baskets


During Spring, Summer, and Fall our guests want us to create a Picnic Basket for their picnic or other outdoor gathering. Please fill out the below form for us and we will work the hardest to make your event memorable by choosing the right products for your event.

Holiday Packages


Holiday times are fun times, family times, friends times. Please let us make your time with your friends and family enjoyable and memorable. We can create a perfect basket (Wine, Spirits, Beer, or Mixed) for you to help create memorable times for you. Please place your order.