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Hops & Vines Beer, Wine, & More…a unique wine store that has served novices as well as connoisseurs equally in the Odenton area for over 10 years. Located in the heart of Piney Orchard community, Hops & Vines prides itself on providing wide selections of Beer, Wine & Spirits. Our unique style and décor sets us apart from other retailers in the area and we always strive to indulge with our guests and provide them with the best shopping experience. Our Craft Beers Mix-N- Match wall is favorite of our guests. Our tastings during Fabulous Fridays is really a refreshing way to introduce our guests to new products.

While we pride in providing our guests with nationally and internationally acclaimed brands, we are equally proud to support our local partners and manufacturers and proudly support all of them including Far Eastern Shore Winery, Boordy Winery, Lyon Distilling, Baltimore Distilling Company, and many more…The wide array of products we carry include rare bourbons to exquisite wines to precious craft brews from all over the world.

Hops & Vines is owned and operated by family owners that have successfully owned and operated various retail businesses such as hotels, high-end wine shops, preschools, gas stations, etc.